Experts in History of Science

The following list provides contact information for experts currently affiliated with the Encyclopedia of the History of Science. It is necessarily incomplete, but provides a starting point for journalists and others looking to consult professional historians.

Area(s) of Expertise
forensic science
Jay Aronson
Carnegie Mellon University
scientific publishing
Melinda Baldwin
American Institute of Physics
scientific translation
Marwa Elshakry
Columbia University
early modern period
Ardeta Gjikola
Columbia University
early modern health
Pablo Gómez
University of Wisconsin
physical sciences
Michael Gordin
Princeton University
Christopher Green
York University
Matthew Hersch
Harvard University
Helge Kragh
University of Copenhagen
Ottoman & Islamic empire
Harun Küçük
University of Pennsylvania
Whitney Laemmli

Carnegie Mellon University

popular culture of science
Matthew Lavine
Mississippi State
physical sciences
Joseph D. Martin
Durham University
Cold War & Latin America
Gisela Mateos
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
science law
Mary X Mitchell
University of Toronto
applied physical sciences
Cyrus C. M. Mody
Maastricht University
Christopher Phillips
Carnegie Mellon University
physical sciences
Henning Schmidgen
Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar
earth sciences
Perrin Selcer
University of Michigan
early modern craft
Pamela Smith
Columbia University
religion & astronomy
Matthew Stanley
New York University
gender & biology
Jenna Tonn
Boston College
medieval period
Elly Truitt

University of Pennsylvania

nuclear energy
Alex Wellerstein
Stevens Institute of Technology